Budget and Spending

Budget & Spending

Washington spends money uncontrollably—America must borrow $1 million every thirty seconds to pay for Washington’s spending. And what do we get? We have more taxes and regulations, a larger bureaucracy, a shrinking economy, and fewer jobs for families.

Congressman Pittenger has lead efforts to pass a budget that leads to a balanced budget, create an economy of opportunity, and produces jobs. Working together with President Trump, he will continue leading efforts for our government to restore a balanced budget – just like every American household and small business.

Congressman Pittenger is committed to pro-growth tax reform that will put more money back in the hands of Americans and small businesses, create a strong economy and new jobs, and end the federal government’s constant tax-and-spend liberal policies.

As your Congressman, he is fighting for well paid jobs, an economy to help everyone, and reducing the power of federal bureaucracies.