Budget & Spending

Budget & Spending

Washington spends money uncontrollably—America must borrow $1 million every thirty seconds to pay for Washington’s spending. And what do we get? We have more taxes and regulations, a larger bureaucracy, a shrinking economy, and fewer jobs for families.

As a Member of the Republican Study Committee’s Budget Task Force this year, I pushed for a budget that balances in 10 years, creates an economy of opportunity, and produces jobs.

The House FY2016 budget was passed this year and emphasizes smaller government, lower taxes, solid national defense, and helping America’s veterans and seniors.

  • Balances the budget without a tax raise in ten years—as opposed to President Obama’s unbalanced budget
  • Reduces uneconomical government spending by $5.5 trillion
  • Promotes job development and an “opportunity economy” with a simpler tax code
  • Stops the Obamacare attack on Medicare, prevents President Obama’s plan to raid Social Security’s trust fund, and defends Medicare’s long-term feasibility with sensible reforms
  • Funds troop training, equipment, and military pay
  • Gives flexibility to states to alter Medicaid, nutrition assistance, and education programs because Washington doesn’t know best

The annual Government Accountability Office’s report on reducing waste, duplication, and overlap in federal operations is consistently ignored because Washington’s spending is so excessive.

The USA Act will save at least $57 billion for American taxpayers over ten years through reforming bureaucratic spending:

Belk purchasing- saves taxpayer funds by leveraging the government’s spending power
Real estate management reform, including the sale of unnecessary government property
Reducing Medicare and Medicaid Fraud by using better fraud detection systems
Information technology reforms, such as merging of data centers

As your Congressman, I am fighting for well paid jobs, an economy to help everyone, and a government with bureaucrats abiding by the same rules as American families.