Growing the Economy

Economy & Jobs

Much of America is financially struggling. Huge regulatory legislation such as Dodd-Frank, promises of “hope and change,” and trillion dollar-spending deficits each year have not helped the economy. To address the problem, Congressman Pittenger helped lead efforts to pass a repeal of Dodd-Frank through the U.S. House of Representatives and create access to capital and credit to support our small businesses.
Regulations aren’t protecting Americans; instead, they’re harming hardworking families by blocking job creation and economic growth.

Congressman Pittenger is committed to finding solutions to grow an “opportunity economy” and create well-paid jobs.  The Congressman has consistently led efforts to pass dozens of pro-job, pro-opportunity economy bills that connect veterans with jobs, help companies get capital by cutting red tape, and enhance job growth by reducing corporate and small business taxes.
Congressman Pittenger's top priority is job growth, as he regularly meets with local business leaders, managers, and employees each week to listen to their plans about how Washington can remove red tape and allow their businesses to flourish. He brings those common-sense ideas to his job and works vigorously in Washington to make them a reality.
The Congressman’s conservative principles have been continually recognized by the National Taxpayer Union and American Conservative Union with their endorsement.