Financial Services

Industry Impacts Entire Region

Being appointed to the House Financial Services Committee was a great opportunity for Pittenger. The Charlotte area is the second largest financial services area in the country, and a large portion of his constituents work in
 this arena. The committee has been focused on a number of the unintended consequences coming from Dodd-Frank. Pittenger’s main issue with this legislation is how it will affect the overall U.S. economy in the coming years. We all understand something had to be done in the wake of the financial crisis, but this law fails to get at the crux of the problem and creates several new ones. Pittenger serves on this committee, and will highlight the policies coming from D.C. that prevent main street banks from being able to lend to businesses of all sizes, as well as making sure American families have the ability to move into the middle class by owning their first homes. These are the important issues facing everyday Americans, and he will continue to stand up for them in Washington.